2007 E350 LED Headlight Assembly?

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Dec 27, 2023
2007 E350
As suggested, I have a 2007 E350 which I absolutely love; however, I have to say the factyory headlights are deplorable, at least in the wet!

I have had the factory standard globes replaced with (supposedly) brighter more powerful ones but they too are appalling in the wet especially. In short, in the dry the low beam barely lights the road ahead let alone either side of the road and do absolutely nothing (literally) in the wet. I can turn the lights off and there is very little difference. High beam in the dry is okay and probably just needs a touch of readjustment; however, in the wet - they too are terrible and make driving a bit of a challenge. Trying to picture how bad the lights are from the written word is possibly a little hard as well. If I remember, I'll do a video the next time it rains so the situation can be seen. I should add that I live in the bush (country) and have to be very watchful of deer, bear, bob cats, coyotes, woodchucks, geese etc etc etc so very good, no - exceptional lighting is a must. Lighting that not only clearly alluminates the road with bright white light a good distance ahead BUT also clearly illuminates the road to the left and right as well.

With that being said, can someone tell me if there are "complete aftermarket LED headlight assemblies" for my 2007 E350 that will make the cars lights coparable (or better) than the current Mercedes headlight assemblies? If there are can you point me in the right direction to purchase them please. Cost is secondary to safety by the way.

Also, on lighting - are there LED replacement globes for the interior lighting as well? I love the "mood lighting" but would also like to be able to see something when I stop and open the doors of the car :)
Have you had your eyes checked? Why would lights perform worse at night? Car headlights are not designed to clearly light up the left or right side of the road beyond the kerb or verge, you sound like you need a set of spotlights to cover that area, or a big pickup with a light bar above the cab roof line and 6 massive spotlights mounted to it, that should do it.
What type of lights does yours have, halogen, xenon etc.? As you're USA-based, are your lights the same as the European-market ones, or USA-specific?

Presumably you've checked how clear the polycarbonate lenses are (assuming they're not glass) as cloudy ones will seriously reduce light output. Differing performance in the wet doesn't make sense, unless the lens is covered in filth /road spray.
Wombat457..... I think you answered your question yourself. "Supposedly" brighter and better, aren't necessarily BRIGHTER AND BETTER. On another note, any, even the best lights aren't performing well in such a conditions as rain/for/snow. It's just how it is.
Headlights will always be worse when it’s raining, as the rain scatters the light. I had an ‘07 C class and the headlights were truly awful. You could try and get some decent LED bulbs made specifically to replace halogen bulbs, like these:

Because LED bulbs produce light in a different way, they have to be properly designed to replace halogens. Go for cheap Chinese junk and all you’ll do is blind any oncoming traffic.

Other than that, maybe a set of spotlights behind the front grill?
And they will be illegal in the UK and fail the MOT....properly designed or not.....which is probably why they no longer offer the ones in your link.
Updating the link..

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