2007 SL500 aux in

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May 17, 2021
2007 SL500 R230
Hi all,

I am now the proud owner of a 2007 (i.e. first facelift) R230 SL500. Lucky me!

I of course did lots of reading up before buying the car, but didn't look into the matter of how to get music from my phone into my audio system. (I have a 6 CD autochanger behind the passenger seat and the Bose upgrade option, in case that's relevant.)

I have now read a few forum posts, but am still confused.

1. Can I just buy one of these cables, and plug it into the back of my head unit, or will that not work? Adapter Auxiliary Cable mp3 for Head Unit Mercedes Class Sl R230 | eBay

2. If not, can I instead just buy one of these, if I don't care about using the CD autochanger? Mercedes Aux adapter lead CT29MC02 for Comand 2.0

3. All the other options I see discussed seem to involve rather more expensive and complex solutions costing several £££. I don't mind if this is the only solution, but I don't particularly want to do something complicated if there's a simple answer...

Thanks in advance for any advice!
Hi boz1 and welcome. it depends on your budget , what type of sound quality you expect , how OCD you are about visible trailing wires and how long you plan to keep the car.
The car may only be 14 years old but in tech speak the sound system/head unit is in the dark ages, same on my 2006 C55 with full telephony/multi CD player and full Harman Kardon OEM surround sound.....positively ancient compared with what is available today.

Command online are sponsors on this forum.

Thanks both!

I would like to avoid trailing wires in the car. I was hoping I could come up with a similar solution as on my old E39 5 series where I wired an aux into the stereo and routed it to the glove box, then connected a cheap bluetooth adapter. So the trailing wires were only in the glove box.

I'm not an audio nerd, but I'm equally not a huge fan of FM tuners... are they any better these days? It's been years since I tried one.

Photos of the car, shameless cribbed from the advert, as they're better than any I've taken...

I actually have a genuine MB wiring plug (3.5mm female) for audio 20 lying around in my workshop un used still in it's original packaging. It was supposed to be good for my 2006 C55 , easily fitted by popping off the blanking plug in the glovebox and plugging it into the wiring harness beneath the passenger side footplate
, all very OEM and official Mercedes like.

Due to the unique way MB make cars - and the fact that I only did about a 100 hours of online research - the plug in the harness does not exist on my car. Oh well never mind.

I would have returned it to the dealership I bought it from but going back all the way to MB of Wilsonville Oregon USA (where I was at the time) seemed a bridge too far so I still have it.

Part number 210 440 50 05

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