2009 S204 Blue Ef. Sport 220CDI - first proper drive.

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Feb 9, 2013
S204 C220CDI 2009
Hello all, thought I'd share a few things about my new MB.
Had to go for some spinal imaging, so 250-mile round trip to Bristol from Tavistock was a good shakedown cruise.

Good bits:
Two-stage cruise setting - so much better than on the 211.
Steering seems more precise, little to no left wandering.
Fuel economy.
Fuel economy read-out still in single decimal points, rather than the arbitrary Renault-derived readout on later models.
Expected it to be more uncomfortable that the 211, but not much in it. Wonder if the Artico leather responds to leather wipes at all? Has some cracks in it.

Bad bits:
Not nearly as refined as the 211 I6, but then it woiuldn't be, would it?
Radio plays after every ignition switch-on, instead of remembering I turned it right down...
Auto-opening tailgate seems to need multiple button presses to persuade it to work. However, after I'd returned, it worked first time, so battery was maybe in need of charge? No idea if that would affect it.
Fuel economy.
Ridiculous AMG 18" rims and elastic bands. Wrong size tyres on the rear, too, 255/35s instaed of 40s. Anyone want to swap?

Overall: very pleased, despite what it looks like. I expected better economy than the 211, and got it. But not as good as I expected. Need to check air filter, and maybe regenerate the DPF. Certainly much better around town.

Things to do:
Replace fog lights.
Check engine/ transmission mounts, seems more grumbly that the 4-pot alone would cause.

I spent two years delivering for MB South West, so am quite well acquainted with FL 204s and 205s. This one reminds me of C250s, which always seemed a bit more gruff than the 220s.
Your comments, as always, much appreciated!

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