2010 Sprinter 313 OM651 engine swap questions

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Mar 20, 2016
South West, UK
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Hi Everyone

My Om651 engine has now blown up twice and I need to replace it with a whole new one, my question is can I put a OM651 engine from a GLA OM651 930 or something other than a sprinter ? I've looked closely at the engines and they look identical, I will expect some differences but the block seems to be the same, so will I have any problems swapping them over ? I.E gearbox fitment? ecu compatibility issues?

Thanks so much
HI, How on earth did they blow up? they are pretty robust enignes.
IN theory they should swap as the basic block will be the same its the add ons like air box inlet manifold and exhaust that may differ but these are transferable.

Im having the same difficulties.
Very little info about.
One difference between the car engine and the van is that, dependant on engine version the turbo drain pipe can be in a different location.
My 651.955 twin turbo drain is forward on the block, where as the single turbo car 651 is rearward on the engine block, dependant on model.
I have also posted in the forum for more info from anyone that has done this conversion but have no replies to date,
I know your post is quite old , but did you have any luck. Any help would be appreciated

I am also bumping this thread as I need to source a replacement block for my 2017 Vito 114. Is there a specific block number range to look for?

Mine engine number is om651.950, would the block from a om651.955 fit for example?

Would be thankful for any advice!

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