2010 W221 Widscreen

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Feb 17, 2015
Evening chaps

could any one advise of a replacement windscreen for a S500L 2010

I have had the car about 3-4 weeks and have picked up a horrific crack from the near side A pillar running horizontal about 6"-7".

My concerns are that the car has Mercedes warranty still and i'm lead to believe that Auto-Glass who claim to fit OEM glass is actually different in terms of tint,markings and sealing capability. Along with the worry of further damage from a 18 year old spotty youth window fitter who damages the A pillar trim and possible wires concealed.
Also my S500L has "sola reflect" glass and "Night view assist". I have been told this will be a trip to the dealers to get this reset after replacement has been fitted. Does anyone know what this will cost? and i presume i can push for the insurance to cover this?

My policy glass excess is £75,which isn't a problem. But i do want an exact replacement for what i currently have, so i want sola reflect glass and all the OEM markings on the glass along with reset of the NVA.

anyone got any advice or tips? the insurance company use Auto-glass as the authorized company for replacement, but i dont want any issues with Mercedes when it comes to any potential future warranty claim.


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