2011 c207 number plate lamp fixed

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Apr 2, 2023
e class coupe 250 cdi 2011
Total success today with my defective right hand number plate lamp that has been off since I picked up the car a while ago.

The light was on when the boot lid was up but not when it was down.

Used my multimeter on the positive terminal and with the other test lead to a suitable ground ( metal screw head on the boot lid) I had 12v. So the fault was the ground wire for that circuit. All the boot wiring goes down the right hand hinge so I pulled off all the trim etc.

Whilst you could in theory just put in a straight to ground short wire this would still show the dash warning as the whole circuit needs to be complete.

After undoing the loom tape and following the correct brown ground wire I chopped out the broken piece and put a fresh brown wire in its Place

A bit of loom tape to finish off and you’d never know i’d been there.

Pretty simple
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