2012 AMG Magazine Giveaway

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May 17, 2010
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The 2012 AMG "Driving Performance" Magazine is now available through an exclusive giveaway to the AMG Private Lounge community. We've made 2000 copies of this magazine available for our members on a first come, first served basis. These magazines will go fast so be sure to enter below for your copy!

Enter Now
Why not ?
Because you have to be a member of 'the lounge' to apply so anyone already a member will have had an email.

Second as it is a raffle of 2000, you are lowering your chances.

Just my thinking.

I did not get the email until 3 hours after Alx posted it! :crazy:
Ive just received your copy Simon thanks:cool:
they have confirmed they will not send you one;)
Argh! I hope it is Alx's copy and not mine!

Hahaha mate, nah I didn't order one as I don't own an AMG anymore, remember?

Who am I kidding, of course I've ordered one! I am happy to share it though if you don't mind my greasy finger marks all over it. LOL!

Ironically I've got an email half past midnight but was too busy competing against the wife in MW3, so ignored it until the morning.

PS: Yes, that's grease from burgers SavMan. LOL!
the magazine can be downloaded in pdf form on PL
Anybody got their copy yet? Mine's arrived. Don't mind passing it on to others or even scanning and uploading it here.

Just let me know.
Yep got mine a week or so back, nice shiny mag!
Just re-read the thread and Sean mentioned there's a pdf copy available. Would be great to have the link posted here. Anybody?

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