2012 ml w166 full suspension bushes replacement

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Mar 17, 2018
C class
I have a 2012 w166 which is due a service in the coming weeks. I’ve not been happy with the handling so will be asking for for the garage to investigate.

It’s done c140k miles so no doubt the suspension bushes could do with being replaced. It’s got air suspension in the past past 2-3-4 years, one end (can’t remember if it was front or back) had these replaced as they were totally shot. (I use Wayne Gates)

The question I have is does anyone know what it may cost to replace all bushes in the suspension? Including anything to tighten the steering up.

I’m wondering if it’s a £1k job or a £4k job. That’ll help me decide if I want to keep the car or not.

It’s ULEZ compliant, is massive and I squeeze so much into it when needed, not new so I’m not fussed about where I park it, still looks good, etc etc so I really don’t want to change cars if I can avoid it. And changing the bushes will make it drive like new (to a large extent) so am seriously considering this.

Has anyone done this?
Any idea what it may cost?
Any recommendation on what bushes? (I have polybushed other (much smaller sporty) cars but not sure it’s the best option here?

We’re considering a European trip so would be great to be able to go in a car with new suspension! :)

Any thoughts or recommendation welcome.

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