2013 C207 E350 CDI - limp mode : (

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May 25, 2021
Mercedes E350 CDI - C207
Hi guys,

Long story but I’ll try and keep it as short and concise as I can, but also keen to give some background.

Back in June I had my low mile well maintained E350 remapped by Superchips. It was a mobile tune as they weren’t allowing customers are any of their dealers due to the Covid situation. The stock map was read from the ECU using their laptop, sent off to HQ, tweaked and sent back to the engineer who flashed it back onto the car.

Immediately the car felt more responsive and powerful in ‘D’. In ‘S’ and manual mode it was quite a bit quicker. All seemed well for a week until the engine management light came on and the car went into limp mode after 60 miles on the motorway. Upon turning off and on again the car came out of limp mode but the light stayed on.

When I got home I scanned the car using a generic OBD2 scanner and OBD Fusion app which showed code P062F which is the EEPROM or ECM (ECU). This clearly was related to the only ECU work I had had done which was the recent remap. The Superchips engineer came back out and cleared the code after which the car seemed fine again for some weeks.

Since then the car has not thrown up the EML again however is more and more frequently going into limp mode and the only cure is to turn it off and on again. It is becoming very annoying as you can imagine.

I’ve fired off another email to Superchips and want them to come back out and take the map off. It all seems to be too much of a coincidence these problems started straight after the map. Unfortunately I’m not getting any codes from reading the ECU so cannot pinpoint exactly what the issue is but damn certain it’s the map.

I’d be very grateful for your invaluable opinions again 😞

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Yep I’m convinced it’s related. Found this:

What are the common causes of code P062F?
One common cause of code P062F is the use of performance chips that alter the PCM’s programming to increase engine power. Performance chips and products are not created equal, meaning that some after market performance chips and programs can (and do) fail unexpectedly.”
UPDATE - Superchips called to say they’re taking the map off and offering me a refund this week. Happy days. Just want the car to work properly

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