[SOLD] 2013 CLS 350 CDI Shooting Brake

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Mar 11, 2013
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Now that I've got the CLS 63 SB back, I'm selling the 350. This is the third time it's been on the forum.

Please see these threads: CLS 350 CDI Shooting Brake 2013 - High Spec | Mercedes Cars for Sale and the thread it links to for the full SP up to when I bought in February 2021.

It has a full service history: 24/06/2014 14600 mls A service, 22/06/2015 B 25700, 13/04/2016 A 31700, 08/03/2017 B 40500, 27/02/2018 A 47700, 20/02/2019 B 56300, all at MB Finchley.

After that: 14/01/2020 59600 mls A service Wheels VT (Indie), 27/02/2020 61300 'Interim' (just gearbox service) at MSL, when it was remapped, 23/02/2021 66778 B service Mercland, 15/02/2020 74200 A Wayne Gates

(I don't think I need to tell you about either MSL, Mercland or Wayne Gates...)

It is now on 78,000 miles. It had a new thermostat just after I bought it, and I fitted a new Varta battery last summer. The tyres are staggered PZeros with 6mm tread all round. It's Euro 5, and a year's road tax is £220.

In addition to the datacard spec, it has Apple Carplay, and Blackvue wireless dashcams front and rear. What else has changed?

I've had the interiors of the two cars swapped over, and as a result it now has Multi-contour seats, not Dynamic seats. The seats and interior are now black; to be specific, buttery soft AMG PASSION LEATHER/NAPPA/SEMI-ANILINE - BLACK/ANTHRACITE (801A). With only 52000 miles covered, the driver's seat bolster is a little creased, as you would expect, but not worn.

The genuine AMG wheels I also swapped over do not have TPMS sensors, so that has been coded out, but would be fine if sensors were fitted and it was coded in. The standard reversing camera is U/S, so disconnected. The NSF wheel has a kerbing scuff (b****y blind old bat...).

The MSL remap gave 322 bhp and 530 lb ft on the dyno; that's 17% and 14% more power and torque respectively, and driveability is much improved over the standard 265 bhp engine. Insurance-wise, I'm with Admiral, and the remap only put the cost up by about £20. Motorway cruising, loafing along at 85 mph (allegedly... ;)) is good for 36-37 mpg; I can't say what 70 would give...).

If the buyer wants them, I have an unused Panamericana grille, still in the box, which comes with the car, and a sheet of black plastic mesh to go with it; I never got round to fitting them.

Ideally I would like the car to go to someone who will appreciate it; it's rather more than just another CLS 350 SB.

Motorway have valued it at £9798, so it ought to be worth £10K I'd have thought, but I do need it gone, so I'm open to offers.


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Sold to a dealer via Carwow. I needed it gone quickly, and I couldn't be bothered with all the hopeful timewasting tossers if I put it up for sale on eBay, Gumtree et al...
And Sod's Law, a forum member had seen it, and was interested, the day it went up on the Carwow dealer auction website, but next time he looked, it had gone. As he said, Bugger!...
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