2013 CLS AMG 63 PP+ Palladium Silver - 2013 model changes inside *WARNING BIG PICS*

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    CLS 63 AMG PP+ 2013
    Hi all!

    Posted this at mbworld, thought i'd repost here for everyone!

    Took delivery of the CLS a few weeks ago and thought i'd share pics for current and potential customers to drool over, and more importantly show some of the changes I noticed in the 2013 model year car. Please note, I am comparing these changes to my former 2012 C63, and other 2012 CLS' that i've sat in.

    Car spec highlights
    Palladium Silver/Black Nappa
    Performance Pack Plus
    Limited slip differential
    Forged alloys
    Harman Kardon (I note B&O was available this year as a first!)
    Ambient lighting

    Changes noticed

    - New AMG key as many of you have probably seen already, basically just a replacement for the back side of the standard merc key with the AMG crest. Funnily enough, the keys didn't come this way at first, had me worried.
    That was until I opened the glove box and I found an AMG metal tin with the new key crests ready to install.

    - Comand system has a new colour scheme going. Gone is the beige of old, replaced by grey, and blue-grey with red highlights. Looks fantastic now to be honest, was getting sick of the beige! Some of the artwork inside has been redone too, and for UK users, noticed a lot more buidlings in Navigation now; even the new Westfield stores were properly rendered.

    - Never played around much with the ONLINE side of things with my C63, but this car has options for Mercedes APPs or some such nonsense, it didn't want to use my iPhone's net connection either way.

    - Same colour changes for the 3D instrument cluster, grey with red (or green in ECO/C mode).

    - Media interface displays ALL covers of albums now as opposed to a random selection, was super happy about this!
    I checked, and my custom covers also appear on here regardless of size or format; looks fantastic.

    - There is also a cover flow, and key word search for albums. In addition, similar to the iPhone, you can also scroll down the artist/album list by a column of alphabets on the right side of the album list. Quite useful if the list is huge.

    - You can now play video from you iPhone when the phone is connected! Not super useful, but a welcome addition none the less.






    New Key with Crest



    Comand colour scheme

    As above

    "Cover flow" search

    Video from iPhone

    Hope this helps anyone looking at a similar colour scheme, and indeed buyers/customers in general.

    If i notice any other changes I will be sure to come and update the thread with pics if necessary.

    Hope you enjoyed! :)
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