2013 Mercedes SLK250cdi AMG Sport for sale

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Apr 19, 2009
Moodiesburn, Scotland
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2018-06-26_210721.jpg IMG_9610.jpg IMG_9611.jpg IMG_9612.jpg IMG_9613.jpg IMG_9614.jpg IMG_9617.jpg A little history about the car. I bought it April 2016 from Tim Purslow Mercedes in Hook I've included a pic of the ad from when I bought it. I paid £18,895 for the car with 15,700 miles on the clock and only one previous owner. I travelled from Glasgow down to Hampshire to get it as there were very few cars with decent spec available up here in Scotland as most were ex PCP/lease cars with higher miles and poverty spec!

During my ownership this SLK has always been a second car for high days and holidays and it shows with the low amount of miles I have covered during this time ie 15700 to 25300 or under 10k miles in 31 months, and in that short period it has been serviced three times!
I have a Mercedes service contract I pay a D/D every month so the car goes in for it's annual service even if it has only done a few thousand since the one before. Like the last service on 05/09/2018 at 23811 miles was only 3741 miles after the previous one.

The service history is as follows;

PDI on 04-02-2013 by Mercedes Benz Killingholme,
"A" Service on 20-02-2014 at 6,806 miles by Mercedes Benz Bishops Stortford,
"B" Service on 23-03-2015 at 11837 miles by Mercedes Benz Bishops Stortford,
"A" Service on 14-04-2016 at 15643 miles by Tim Purslow Mercedes Benz Hook.
"B" Service on 02-06-2017 at 20070 miles by Mercedes Benz Grangemouth,
"A" Service on 05-09-2018 at 23811 miles by Mercedes Benz Grangemouth.

So, as you can tell the car has wanted for nothing, it is regularly hand washed two bucket method and waxed using Collinite 476s. Once a year I also remove the wheels and clay bar and wax the inside faces as can been seen in the pics. It has never been smoked in or used to carry pets or (possibly worse
lol) children. The interior is in top order and shows no signs of wear and tear. The exterior is in as good a condition as you could hope for with hardly a stone chip or blemish to take away from the amazing gloss finish of the paintwork. It really is that good!

The diamond cut AMG alloy wheels were refinished by a company called Lepsons who are famous for the quality of their work and are not cheap. This was done by Tim Purslow Mercedes in preparation prior to the sale of the car to me. There is no damage anywhere on the wheels, the blue logo'd centre caps were getting a bit grotty so I replaced them with genuine MB star centres (receipt included).

I have also fitted and include a top quality Garmin HD dash cam discretely positioned behind the rear view mirror, this is hard wired through a fused feed so no wires are on show. It switches on and off automatically with the ignition switch and records stable high quality footage without me having to think about it.

I have also had a genuine IWC clock fitted to the dash. I have never seen another 250cdi with a IWC fitted as they are usually reserved for the SLK55 AMG only. So quite a rare thing, and it looks great!

The car also has a Smart Top module fitted. This is simply a plug and play unit that fits into the car and gives remote action to the roof and windows. 2 presses of open on the remote key and all four windows drop to give a pillarless coupe look. Press the button three times and the windows drop and the roof folds into the boot in one smooth operation with no to hold the button for the duration. It also gives one touch operation to the interior roof switch.

The tyres were all new OEM Continental ContiSportContact when I bought the car and as can be seen in the pics, when it had its health check the tyre wear is absolutely even after 9000 miles showing that the steering geometry is perfectly within spec.

The car runs without fault and the fuel consumption is excellent I can get an easy 600 miles to a tank. I've added a couple of pics to show averaging 60+mpg on my drive home from work and also showing an average 46.3 over a distance of 534 miles with 67miles left in the range.

I have taken loads of pics some recent, some older but they give a true representation of the car. I'm going to upload them below but not in any particular order.

The car comes with both keys, is HPI clear, the V5 is in my name at my address and the A14BMD plate is in the process of being removed and the car will go back to its original number and plates LP62RMX. Payment by bank transfer only when face to face.

So there you go. I've gone on a bit but want to show how much of a car this is compared to cheaper rivals. Yes there are cheaper SLK's out there just as there was when I bought this one but, as I wanted the best available I paid a little bit more. I'm looking for someone who thinks like me and wants one of the best and does not mind going that little extra to get it. Any questions or requests to view just drop me a line and we'll take it from there.

PS The reason the car is in a college workshop is because I am a lecturer in the Motor Vehicle department in the local college and I have access if I need in for a bit of polishing!

Looking for £14000 ono


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