2014 C63 MCT update

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Don't forget your sat nav update too.

Second that. Had mine done a few weeks ago. They did mention a new version was on its way as well
Thanks, booked in for 3rd service, mot, gearbox & sat nav update. That plus extended warranty and balloon payment is a big month haha. I love the car too much to get rid so bring on the supercharger!
OK so not a great deal to report back. Yes it does feel sharper and quicker yet I'd imagine that was down to the reset. What I can give feedback on is prior to the visit on Friday if in sport, sport + or manual mode the car would not down shift towards or more gears if requested from the paddle, it would only drop one, I'd wait till it engaged then pull again, I did put a post up and a user explained that you had to hold the paddle down and keep it held and it would drop through the box.

Since the visit in Friday, it now in Sport and Sport + drop two or three gears if the paddle is pulled all in one hit is such. It still doesn't in Manual which I find odd but hey. So whether it was the update (if it does exsist) or it was the reset who knows but I'm happy, the gearbox feels better and I can't knock the customer after service from Ascot Mercedes-Benz

I can confirm there is a gearbox update but not had chance to really see if it has made a difference. I have to go back Monday for the Sat Nav update

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