2014 E Class Navi ‘Saved Position’

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Jul 6, 2014
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My wife managed to save the position of our road on my navigation system. Now every time we are close to our road the system gives a bong sound, which is getting extremely annoying. I’ve tried to work out how to unsave or delete, but there doesn’t seem to be such a function. This weekend I reset the Command system, but it’s still there!

Any ideas?
My guess is that she saved it as Personal POI, and that the system is configured to sound an audible alert whenever it's with a certain radius of a Personal POI.
BTW, this is how the aftermarket speed camera database for COMAND works: it stores the camera locations as Personal POIs, and then sounds an audible alert when you are near one.
Amazing! I thought it was a saved position, but you’re right, it was a saved POI. Thanks.

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