2014 E63 AMG estate for sale (700bhp)

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Dec 27, 2020
E63 AMG S212 5.5, W221 S500, W220 S600, GBS Zero, Defender Wolf 110, Audi A6 BiTdi, Octavia vRS
Hi all,

The time has come to sell my cherished E63 that I've owned since 2020. Facelift 2014 5.5 BiTurbo, obsidian black, black leather interior. 75,000 miles.
Excellent service history - I can share full details, but in summary, a service and oil change every year on the road (SORN for 3 years previously), two gearbox oil changes, and loads of other stuff, e.g. top mounts replaced. Currently in the garage getting new front discs and pads (a big ticket item!), so will be good to go.
Running over 700bhp/750lbft courtesy of an MSL remap. MSL also fitted a Quaife ATB diff for me at the same time, and I had the reasonator deleted.
Excellent condition inside and out, with minor wear in line with age. Wheels are perfect. Has panoramic roof, adaptive headlights, keyless entry/go, keyless boot opening, parktronic, Harman Kardon sound system, black ash trim.
I will post photos when it's back from the garage, but please message if you are interested.
I'm looking for around £24k.

Three previous owners.
Hi all - thanks for the interest in the car. I'm finally attaching some photos - very happy to send further info, photos, etc, just send me a message.
I'm trying to sell this before I go away for a while, and so have contacted companies I've previously used for sales and been offered £22.5k for it. So I would be happy to sell to a forum member for this price (no offers, thank you), but it is likely to only be available until the end of May.
Thanks for looking.

PS - interior wasn't as clean as usual when I took the photos, sorry!

EDIT - or the wheels :rolleyes:
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Service history:

The car has had more things than this done, but I’ve just listed what I thought people would be interested in. Mixture of MB and independent garages.

22/06/2015 @ 11,537 miles - engine oil and filter changed.

11/05/2016 @ 25,332 miles - engine oil and filter changed.

30/05/2017 @ 32,246 miles - engine oil and filter changed; gearbox oil and filter changed, brake fluid changed; air filter changed; batteries changed.

*********2017 – 2020: car was SORN*********

04/03/2020 @ 38,489 miles - engine oil and filter changed; batteries changed.

10/03/2020 @ 38,492 miles - front brake pads changed.

27/12/2020 @ 46,891 miles - rear brake pads changed.

22/01/2021 @ 47,318 miles - engine oil and filter changed; gearbox oil and filter changed.

03/02/2021 @ 47,650 miles – remapped at MSL performance and Quaife LSD fitted.

05/02/2021 @ 47,797 miles – spark plugs changed.

30/06/2021 @ 50,172 miles - exhaust resonator deleted.

01/07/2021 @ 50,291 miles - front left and right suspension top mounts replaced.

24/03/2022 @ 55,856 miles - engine oil and filter changed; brake fluid changed.

23/11/2022 @ 64,544 miles – geometry check and alignment/adjustment.

20/04/2023 - recall for steering rack bolts completed.

17/05/2023 @ 68,090 miles - engine oil and filter changed.

11/12/2023 @ 73,575 miles – new battery fitted.

29/04/2024 @ 74,998 miles – front brake discs and pads changed, front caliper refurbished.

13/05/2024 – sunroof serviced.
Yours for a bargain £20k if you're quick (a couple of days).... Otherwise I have an agreed price with a dealer.

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