2014 W204 intelligent lighting question


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Feb 4, 2014
W204 C250 CDI Coupe
My new W204 coupe is I believe supposed to have ILS. So far I can only see the Active Mainbeam working, not the other modes ( fog, cornering and motorway). The manual is very confusing, but does state that if the dipped beam pattern is set for LHD or RHD then the other modes don't work. These two option are the only ones available and clearly my car was set to RHD as default.
Any ideas or was the brochure lying?


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Nov 6, 2007
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So far I can only see the Active Mainbeam working, not the other modes ( fog, cornering and motorway).
I have a pre-facelift W212 with ILS, and based on my experiences with it:
  • Fog mode causes the dipped beam to "spread" further to the left and the right. The effect is quite subtle and not immediately obvious until you drive in fog(!) when the difference between fog mode on/off is much more pronounced
  • If you live in an urban area with street lighting the cornering mode may not be that obvious, but you will find that if you turn the wheel left or right at slow speed (<20 mph) then additional illumination is given in the direction of the turn. Alternatively, it will come on at low speed with the wheel straight ahead if you switch on the indicators
  • Motorway mode only works in conjunction with Mainbeam Assist. If you have the dip switch in the "main beam" position and travel at 70mph for a short while some distance behind another vehicle, you will notice the dip beam "throw" of light reaches the back of the vehicle in front. If you're unconvinced, move the dip switch to the dip beam position and the light throw will be much less
BTW, Mainbeam Assist only works if the main lighting switch is set to the (A)utomatic position. If the lights are set to the "On" position, you can only select between dip or main beam.

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