2015 e300 bluetec hybrid 7g gears not changing

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Aug 9, 2022
Newcastle upon Tyne
E300 Bluetec hybrid 2015
Afternoon all!

I have a 2015 E300, W212 shape. Owned for a year and recently the check engine light has come on. The gears don’t change until 2.5k revs and the gearbox does not employ the 7th gear on the motorway/ dual carriages. at first I thought the check engine light might be coming on because it was due a service

I had a recent service ( oil/fuel/air/cabin filter change with new oil) and for about 200 miles the car was driving fine but last night it came back on again.

I’m struggling to think what it could be. Can’t see any fluids leaking so at a loss.

Based in the Newcastle area so if anyone can recommend a decent garage that won’t rob me would be great too

Many thanks
What is the mileage, and has it had a gear box fluid change.

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