2016 A-180 (W176) Rear Lamp Warning - Help

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Nov 1, 2019
South Wales
A180d Sport
Hi all, after some guidance if possible........

Was driving & warning notice appeared on dash "Left Side Rear Lamp" (yellow warning colour).

When I got home & checked it, the rear lamp was indeed not working but the right hand side was working fine.

It is some kind of LED strip (so it appears from outside) so I removed the complete assembly to find some kind of circuit board inside at the top. I am not sure if its this that is the issue here so I took some photos (see attached) then put the unit back onto the car.

I then tested it & the dashboard warning had gone so i checked the lamp & it is illuminated again although somewhat dimmer than the right hand side???

Any help as to what i need to do here would be much appreciated.


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Buy this and swap the internals over :

Oh ok so i need a new unit then?? Just cant replace single part of my unit?

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