2017 S214 - Water in drivers side footwell (Source?) - Pics!

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Jul 18, 2013
Hi all,
I've been away for a month, car sat idle.

Went for a drive last week, parked on a wheel and I noticed behind the driver seat (RHD), the passenger footwell was soaked. In total took about 1.5 litres out. Then noticed the front footwell, while the carpet was dry, the underlay / sponge was wet.

Took out the drivers side carpet and traced the highest point of moisture / water droplets to just underneath this round black plastic cover. The sponge around this black plastic cover is wet to half way, then dry. So, I am assuming that is the highest point of moisture.

The windscreen was replaced last year, but I don't see any moisture above half-way of this black plastic cover. That said, the next step once everything has dried out is to put a hose on the windscreen and look for water ingress.

However, I suspect the water is coming from behind this black plastic cover with a sponge seal / rim. What's behind this? I have been Googling and read about air-con drains coming loose etc. - So, what's behind this and could this be my problem? It looks like it'll be quite hard to remove (more trim under the steering wheel / brake pedal area to take off?) before I can access is.

I'd be quite grateful for any info. For now, I have heater / dehumidifier in there drying things out but obviously I need to find the source of the leak before putting the (in a few days dry!) carpet back before tacking the rear section (I want to do this in stages).

See pic below. As mentioned, the sponge / seal around the black cover is wet up to half way. Underneath I can see droplets (almost condensation) but it's a trail so guessing that's the source.

Thanks all!

Part no. for that black plastic cover: A205 680 04 08
On further investigation regarding the windscreen drains, something seems really wrong here. See the video below.... when I pour water it just goes straight down, between the firewall / engine bulkhead... I suspect this is where my problem is.

Surely there's drain hoses missing here? I had the windscreen replaced a while back, possibly they didn't put them back?

Can someone confirm that this is NOT right?

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OK so I am confident that the water is entering via the sheering shaft.... i'm of the opinion it shouldn't be able to get in there (I will remove the remaining panels tomorrow to get proper access to this as they need to be dried regardless).

So, it turns out, there's 3 drains on my windshield deflector (all normal) What's NOT normal is that there are no drain hoses (could be solid plastic, but you get the idea) on any of these 3! When I pour water, it just goes straight down to the firewall / bulkhead - surely this isin't normal?

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