2018 cla led headlight upgrade newbie help

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Jan 30, 2019
County durham
Cla 200 shooting brake
Hi guys

Just took delivery of my cla200 Amg line. I have halogen lights which are not too good. Any recommendations for h7 bulb upgrade and I want to upgrade the h15 bulb to led. Am I correct in thinking the h15 is the drl and main beam . Thanks in advance if anyone can recommend the two best bulbs to buy that won't throw a fault .
Just be aware, swapping the lamps to LEDs would be an MOT failure due to lamp and unit mismatch.
Perhaps more importantly you will be dazzling oncoming traffic.
It's only the drl I want led. The h7 halogen upgrade should be ok I hope . Are there any things I need to know about the cla as it's my first Mercedes

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