2019 Vito Pro 114 w447 - Intercooler blown apart - engine fault or impact damage fault ?

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Feb 5, 2023
Mercedes Vito pro 114 2019
My one question is this. I recently purchased a vehicle 3 months ago with 27,500 miles low mileage good service history and look like a great buy. We serviced & inspected then we did 8,500 miles without any issues.
Last week, I was driving along the motorway with chauffeured passengers when I came to put my foot down heard a noise underneath the vehicle and then broke down white smoke, coolant, oil, etc . The garage inspected the engine protection cover was smashed and the intercooler was completely blown 100% /,hose pipes both intact. They presumed it was a booster fault . The fitted new intercooler started it up and there was still masses of now fuel smoke. On inspection took an injector out found a piston is missing from CCTV .
My question is this ,the insurance company have agreed in principle that this vehicle will need a new engine and it’s fully covered (in principle). My concern is , has the vehicle actually been hit underneath causing the damage to the intercooler which has put fragments /foreign bodies into the engine hence the piston breaking which is what is stated on the mechanics report or has a fault occurred within the engine booster failed, causing the piston to break , and the vent exploded outwards damaging the engine protection …?

i’m not a mechanic and a basic information and knowledge any help or guidance would be appreciated. The garage has stated they can leave the old intercooler and the broken engine cover in the back of the vehicle for the insurance company to view I’m not sure whether this is a good idea as it may prove point towards engine fault instead and not a strike from underneath the vehicle causing the damage.

The cost covered os £11,000 for new engine via my insurance/ cover this damage replace my engine & I get a replacement vehicle and I will stay in business.

I am worried and concerned that the insurance company may discover to try and get out of paying by saying ‘ potentially ‘it was an engine fault then I’m off the road I have a £11,000 bill and I’m pretty screwed …

do I give the insurance the old intercooler and the broken engine protection or just leave them with the photos. I’m 99% sure at some point in the journey I have hit debris underneath the vehicle, but I can’t be 100% the mechanic so they’ve never seen split like that before but does seem like a strike underneath it but they say it can be caused by faulty booster as well, but it won’t explain the broken piston so everything points towards an accidental strike on the motorway of debris causing the damage and ultimately requiring new engine . Any guidance or help will be welcomed.

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