211 sun visors retrofitted to other vehicles.

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Jun 17, 2002
I've searched this and didn't find any info so thought i'd start a thread which may be useful to others.
I miss driving a 211 because of the 2 part visor which is excellent when your constantly changing angles and in most other cars you only have the one visor to flip back and forth.

I finally managed to get a nice pair of 211 visors, complete with clips to try in my 220.

Will be fitting them in tomorrow. Dimensions seem fine. I will lose the "zoom" mirror of the s class visors, but i'm not bothered. If the wife is that worried then i'll leave the passenger mirror as standard 220.

211 on left, 220 on right


No doubt that these can be fitted to many many other models.
If you like them on both sides and the old ones are grey in colour, I'd be interested in the passenger side W220 one.

Mine has a faulty cover (now removed) but it would be nice to replace it.
Are the plastics broken or is the metal clip/spring just worn?
I fixed both of mine when I got it.

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Broken plastic.

The visor is fine, it's just the flap that covers the mirror that's broken.

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