212 parking brake sticking on

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keith of kent

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Mar 15, 2014
E212 350 sport night edition estate , GLA 200 Sport Premium
2015 S212 with 54K miles.
Only use the car once or twice a week at the momement and when I first start to use it the parking brake sticks on. I've tried lifting the pedal with my foot to no avail.
The car is garaged and I don't apply the parking brake. When I get it out I have to apply the parking brake whist I shut the garage doors, and then it sticks. My trusted Indie lubricated the pedal mechanism 6 months ago.
Is there anything I can do ? I have read that some MB's have an access cover under the rear seat, how do you lift the rear seat if there is one?
Lower rear seat squab removal will differ from car to car , but it's rarely more than a few easy to reach bolts , on my estate it just hinges up out of the way exposing the trap door to access the cable splitting cassette (thats what I call it anyway :) ) Not all MB cars have this feature unfortunate , even if they did replacement is from under the car anyway.

Get the seat lifted to see if you have something like this under there.


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