215/55zr16 P6000 + Deneb 8 Hole Alloys

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Jun 22, 2004
Volkswagon Phaeton V10 5.0L
Tyres done less than 1500miles from new Alloys in 2 x good 2 x Fair cond. need cleaning. Need to move from garage as in the way of bike. Open to reasonable offers. New steering wheel to pay for. Please PM if want to exchange for drinking vouchers. :cool:
what are deneb alloys?
They are a Merc option wheel. If you go to the $tealer it will be in the wheels brochure. They are 8 hole alloys, and if I can be unbiased they look quite good, but not as good as the new ones.
Hi there,
I am very interested in wheels but will they fit e220 1995 ?
how much?
many thanks am in hove
Wheel Fitment

As far as I have ben told they should fit with no problem. The tyres are virtually brand new. If you would like to view them before commiting please let me know and we can arange for you to see them.
Ohhhh - I missed this first time round !

if Sporty is not interested, then I might be.

Looks like the E280 owners might be fighting over this one .... :p

Kinky said:
Mud wrestle.

Best out of 3? :rock:

So Pammy wants them too
:D :D

K You missed the last ones :D :D Dont miss these, you just know you want them, they look ever so good on a 124 :rock:
Ian B Walker said:
... You missed the last ones ...

Lord Walker Sir,

I do thank you ever so much for reminding of that yet AGAIN ;)

Kinky and Sportyreptile, I have PM'd both of you to confirm they are still for sale. Please bear in mind where they are located (i dont mean in my garage) as Portsmouth isnt local to either of you. They were sold allegedly to a forum member who arranged to collect them but has never turned up or answered any of my PM's. I will be at the gtg this weekend but if you want to arrange anything for during the week I am ok.
Sorry Kinky, Thanks Pietre!

Ian B Walker said:
K You missed the last ones :D :D Dont miss these, you just know you want them, they look ever so good on a 124

They certainly do Ian, I took a trip to Pietre's place to see these alloys. Tyres and wheels looked great so we did a deal, I now have a good looking set of 16" 8 hole alloys. I purchased new centres with the chrome 3 point star,which looks very bling. :D

The extra rubber on the road makes one hell of a difference, the car felt "under-tyred" beforehand and the wheels looked a little lost in the arches. The car has now a slightly more modern look with bigger wheels and lower profile tyres.

I'll have to get some replacement batteries for the digi camera and post up some pickies.

Pietre's 18" Brabus wheels look mega on his W210 - very nice motor.

Sorry to Kinky but I'm sure you'll find the right ones for you soon.

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