3 Years with a C63 AMG PPP Estate: The Verdict

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Jan 14, 2013
Shortly I will have to decide what to do with my C63 AMG Estate car. I have had it three years which is actually quite a long time by my usual standards. Its PCP finance comes up in December. It seems a good time to reflect on owning a 6.2 litre V8 Estate car. (I know it says 6.3 V8 on the side, it’s lying!)


After 3 years with a C63 AMG I feel qualified to opine. This car is stupid.
Very, Very Stupid Indeed

It is thirsty, uncomfortable and has too much power. It looks like a German Estate car, which is what it is, but goes like a Saturn Five rocket on a roller skate. You learn to ignore much of the technology that is trying to keep you safe and alive, but believe me, unless you are deluded, you’ll be grateful for some of it when it rains. What this car does is makes a loud but paradoxically quiet statement. It says “I am an idiot. I have bought an estate car that has abilities that serve no practical use whatsoever. Nobody needs to transport a fridge going sideways in a cloud of smoke. However, what this car does do is allow people who want to travel memorably do so. It is as modern as roast beef and Yorkshire pudding. It stands proudly in the line of cars that you will make you smile ruefully as you ponder the stupidity of buying a 6.2 litre V8 Estate car and having all that fun. It is the end of the line for massive engines in family cars and as such, it is a genuine classic car. I am very glad I have owned one.

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Cars: We All Fall in Love With Our Models: 3 Years With a C63 AMG: The Verdict

And Yes, I will be selling it in the spring..
Haha Nice read, when ever people told me "why you got c63, m3 is faster around track" I replied "I may come last but I come in style making ton of smoke and music"
Made me chuckle with my cup of coffee... brilliant!

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