300-24 Stalling: Solved. And "Instant start" question.


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Dec 1, 2008
MB 300CE-24 Sportline
Hello All,

Recent 300CE-24 work involved solving a very minor stall issue. Injectors and seals had already been replaced – a revelation. During this we noted brittle/cracked idle control valve pipes so these were bodged back to life with some success and replacements ordered. However, the stalling problem persisted.

I spent 4 hours in blazing sun (why didn’t I park the thing under the tree?) pulling out the fuel metering unit so I could replace the ICV pipes and get to the throttle valve and the linkages. Sadly, the only grease I had in spray form was silicon grease. However, the result was 100% success. No more stalling. So my recommendation to others with stalling issues is:
  1. Ensure no vacuum leaks – most of us know this anyway.
  2. Ensure throttle valve is clean – mine was.
  3. Ensure all linkages are free and lubricated. Mine were not and I suspect the valve may not have been closing completely at all times. The result; a vacuum leak and confusion for the fuel management. I also used an electrical contact cleaner sprayed into the throttle potentiometer, for good measure.

So, to my questions.
  1. What sort of lubricant should I use for the linkages? My feeling is that silicon may not endure for long.
  2. How do I restore that “instant start” that I remember?
What do I mean by “instant start”?

I recall that the car used to fire up instantly, whether cold or hot. Now it always needs what I estimate to be 1 second of churning. It then settles into an even idle at cold/hot idle speeds one would expect.

Am I being over pedantic? Probably. Does it matter? Not really. It’s not a big issue but I’d love to solve it.

In pursuit of this I also cleaned up the relatively new MB-original distributor components and this made no difference. Bosch copper plugs are relatively new and replacement made no difference.

So, please does anyone have any suggestions?

My thanks in advance and best to all.


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