300 CE Mpg compared with E280 estate

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Oct 30, 2007
Hi, I have to change to an estate as need the room- I wonder can I expect more mpg from the estate or less- the CE is 1989, estate is 1995
Not enough to really worry about. I'd be more concerned with reliability (loom/ECU, CHG etc) as this would pale any fuel consumption differences into insignificance..! :eek:
No much difference Darren I should not think - maybe even a touch more out of the 280.

Welcome to the forum and good look with the new car.
Recently checked my S124 E280 on a run back from Italy. About 28mpg overall with a best section at 32mpg. I think its marginally better than the 300ce but not significant in the real world.
Thanks, I know the loom has been done and there are 110k on clock with FSH- it really should be trouble free but maybe I am spoilt with the coupe- haven't had any big expense in 10 years- just too much rust and not a lot of space!

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