300 ce w124 fuel pump replacement

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Mar 21, 2016
Hi all,

First time caller, long time listener...

6 months ago bought a 300ce w124 from '91. I've had various bits done on it at the garage, as would be expected for 142000 miles: head gasket, radiator.

The fuel pump has been whining for a while, and she's become a bit reticent to start, although always starts first time

I gather that there's a twin fuel pump system

My question is what I should be looking to pay to get it replaced, and is there any additional work related to the fuel pump (pressure regulator, pipes) that would be worth doing whilst there? I've heard of a good indy near me, but I'd want to have a rough idea so that I can check they know what they're talking about

I know this is a proper newbie question, but I'm sick of getting my pants taken down

Thank you all
Welcome to the forum wilberforce, you could ask Rob parker who breaks Mercedes for his opinion, hes a member on here pm him or check on ebay threepointedstar is his handle I believe.

The Bosch pumps are available from Eurp Car Parts if you wish to supply your own parts to the person that fits them.

Its no more than an hours work.
I've no idea how much you should expect to pay someone but why not do this job yourself? It is well within the scope of even a novice DIYer, just nuts and bolts. And a couple of jubilee clips.
Thanks very much for the advice

I'll gird my loins and get my spammers ready then!
Hi. If you wanted a second hand part try retrodave on here. He's always breaking these.
First thing you need to do is get under the car - remove the plastic shield and check the layout of the fuel pump assembly-- It usually consists of two or three components the fuel pump a fuel filter and an accumulator [ not on later models] to maintain pressure momentarily to facilitate starting. The fuel pump is the immersed type where the armature is cooled by the fuel itself- Noisy pumps can be worn or suffering fuel starvation- This could be down to several things- a blocked fuel filter or a blocked pick up in the tank itself might cause it. So it might be worth checking this out. e.g. when was the fuel filter changed last?? Some setups do have two pumps in tandem/series pretty much standard in w124 estates. you need to do a reccy first to know what setup you are dealing with? For changing the pump or filter you will need suitable clamps to isolate them from the fuel lines/ tank if you don't want to end up lying in a pool of petrol under your car. Because of the hazards associate with petrol fumes and inflammability this is not a job for an inexperienced DIY man imho.
filter change
Mercedes-Benz W124 Fuel Filter Replacement | 1986-1995 E-Class | Pelican Parts DIY Maintenance Article

fuel pump change
Mercedes-Benz W124 Fuel Pump Replacement | 1986-1995 E-Class | Pelican Parts DIY Maintenance Article
Thanks again all. Sound advice, there seems a world of wisdom on here which is great as I'm getting to understand the car

I think I'll have an explore under the car so that I at least know what I'm talking about, but tbh by the time I've bought all the tools I need I may as well have taken it to the mechanics

Also don't fancy a blazing inferno. Although, on the bright side I could probably do the job myself and if fuel was leaking, I wouldn't notice the difference in my fuel bills:(
Thank you

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