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    300se 1991
    How does the climate control work in this vehicle?

    I followed this thread here Climate Switches - Benzworld.org - Mercedes-Benz Discussion Forum

    and it makes sense.

    Does this type of system not have a climate control computer to worry about?

    Can you heat the left of the car and cool the right, or does it simply close the vents off if the passenger selects a higher temperature when the driver has the aircon on - or what does it do (or rather what is it supposed to do)?

    Please advise exactly how this system works and what should be checked on it for proper operation.

    Thank you very much for your advice.
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    This is referring to a manual system which has dual zone driver/passenger heating control - the heating is thermostatically controlled, but this is similar to the electric thermostat for home central heating systems and is not computerised. Air output and distribution is manually controlled. I know on the non a/c cars warm air came form the side vents - the central vents always had ambient air (or a/c if fitted). To that end the driver could have a/c air blowing over them whilst the passenger has warm air. Its just a case of redirecting or closing a few vents.

    The automatic system picture is enclosed. This does have an electronic 'brain' and when the automatic switch is pressed this measures inside and outside parameters and controls the temperature, air output and distribution automatically. The temperature control is just one zone on this system though.

    If you have the manual system this is certainly the easier to fix and test for any problems. The automatic system is an improved version of the 1960's Chrysler system used in the W116 models, but has complex vacuum control rather than full electronic control of later systems which can go awry.

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