300SL-24 1991 Vibrating at idle + fuel smell in exhaust

Discussion in 'Engine' started by Frankst129, May 11, 2016.

  1. Frankst129

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    May 9, 2016
    R129 300sl 24v
    After a long search, I found this article (http://www.mbclub.co.uk/forums/engine/96013-three-years-rough-idle-sl320-r129-v6-m112.html) which describes the symptoms of my car:

    - vibrating at idle when engine is warm
    - fuel smell in exhaust
    - some loss of power at low refs (not sure of this because I've never driven another 300SL)
    - I got error 8 on pin 3 (altitude pressure signal from EZL implausible)

    The problem occured last year after my car was stored for 2 months.

    The reason why I refer to this article is because the author has gone through an enormous effort in trying to fix it without any result (I'm trying to get in contact with him (Darrah1) to get the latest news). I found other articles referring to the same problem but found none with a definitive solution. If anybody can point me to a proven solution for this problem, you will probably save me a lot of money because my next step is to bring to the MB dealership

    - rotor, distributor cap, dust cover replaced
    - crankshaft pos sensor replaced
    - new spark plugs
    - vacuum hoses in good shape
    - wires in good shape
  2. bolide

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    Oct 8, 2005
    BMW E39 525 Diesel Touring
    The engine referred to is not the same as yours

    Vibration at idle may be a symptom of collapsed engine mounts. If one (or more) cylinders is missing, look at fuel & spark. In fact, go back to basics - fuel, spark, compression & timing

    Fuel smell in the exhaust points to over fuelling or poor combustion so check the spark plugs to see if one is sooty. If so, you are on your way to pinning down the problem

    Nick Froome

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