320 ML cdi sport... A long time to warm up

Discussion in 'Engine' started by MrHoward, Mar 25, 2014.

  1. MrHoward

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    Mar 15, 2014
    Ml 320 cdi sport
    Hi All,
    I've just bought a 2007 ML 320 cdi and have noticed that it seems to take ages to warm up in the morning even though we've had a relatively warm night.
    It doesn't start too fast either with a fair amount of unburnt diesel puffing out of the exhausts.
    It isn't too smooth with the gear changing up or down until it's really warm.
    The engine runs at about 1500rpm and the car seems to run away with me when accelerating or even braking.
    I've tried it on the paddle shifts but it is still racing away.
    It's still under warranty and I would be really thankfull if someone can shed any light on the problem.
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    Need to be plugged in firstly.

    The long starting could be caused by a faulty glow plug control unit
    The warming up issue could be a thermostat
    The gear change could be lack of fluid, poor gearbox maintenance, re-adaptation required, software update etc etc

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