320e 24 v suspected headgasket

Discussion in 'Engine' started by w124amg, Apr 22, 2010.

  1. w124amg

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    Apr 20, 2010
    malton area UK
    w124 amg replics , w202 c230 k .
    Iam i right in thinking that the 24 version is said to be not as reliable as the 12 v , my w124 has been stood for at least 2 months ,

    I put a new tyre on it today looked at the front pads saw the size of the calipers and hastily put the wheel back on ! .

    Anyway it started on 4 then got to 5 and gets all 6 only if you give it some , I

    took the front plug off to find about 2 small syringes full of coolant in there or i think its coolant anyway .

    So i thought ill check next one back and the same i got all the water out thinking ah maybe that just got there as i left the hood open one night and theres no top cover on the Head , So done all that clean the plug lead ends and scraped any cack off gave them all a squirt of Super TT WD rip off but works ... put it all back together and no better .. the temp gauge doesnt work in the car and ive tested the sender .

    So i thought ill take the instrument panel out , Well i cant find a single screw to get it apart but i bet as ive only done about 200 miles in it since ive had it that the tell tail marks on the air vent next to the instruments is from a screw driver trying to pry the panel out !! so iam thinking the temp gauge in the instrument panel has been tampered with ..

    Iam guessing ill be needing a headgasket , its not boiled or lost any amount of water yet so iam hoping it is just a gasket and not a head .... Any input ,,,,, Sorry for the long post but i have trouble saying what i need to and using few words :eek:
  2. Ian B Walker

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    Jun 7, 2003
    300-24, saloon and coupe, E300 24 valve diesel estate
    Do a compression test and a cylinder leak down test. They will give you a definitive answer.

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