4 nights in France, trackday,+ Karting

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Feb 26, 2008
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Hi, there is a group of 8 of us, (4 from this forum, and 3 known to us from Goodwood track days and the recent AMG factory visit), That are going to France in September, plus 2 no. more awaited on for confirmation of attendance, but no passengers being permitted at this time, so as we maximise the car numbers, to make use of the track on the 15th. We were hoping to make a group of around 12-14 cars. All the guys going are laid back, and good natured, most are 50 plus years old, just going for a boys motoring jolly, and some fun.
Cars currently going, GTR, Porsches, BMW, Jaguar, and Mercedes

Departing Folkestone early Sunday 13th via tunnel,
drive down to Jarnac in the Cognac region, and stay at The La Karina Hotel, British owned, Hotel is basic, but food is amazing apparently, and lots of parking.

Monday 14th, do as we please, probably tour round the local area, do lunch, etc etc.

Tuesday 15th, We have already secured the circuit De Haute Saintonge, in La Genetouze exclusively for our own track day. It is a 2.2KM circuit, quiet fast, 2 x 650m straights with 7 no. corners of differing difficulty.

Wednesday 16th, AM. chill out and do as we please, PM. return back to the circuit De Haute Saintonge, for full exclusive to us, afternoon of competition karting between ourselves on their 1600M karting circuit.

Thursday 17th, depart back through France to Calais for Tunnel trip home.

Between these times, Breakfast, lunch, evening meals, fine food and drink at appropriate times are to be consumed.

Total cost will be around the £1500 mark, to include, return tunnel ticket, estimated £500 fuel, Hotel, Trackday and Karting, and estimated food and drink cost, 4 of the guys did this trip last year, (not the karting though), and spent £1400, and the Euro is very kind to us at the moment, so I consider this projected cost to be realistic, and maybe some left over.

I would add that this is not my party, I have been invited along, and just hopefully helping to getting the numbers up here.

PM me with any interest or questions please.


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