4 Wheels alignment recommendation near Chelmsford, Essex

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Feb 20, 2021
C63S W205
Does anyone recommend a good place to have there 4 Wheels alignment checked and adjusted please? Garages that deal in performance cars is preferable. I am in Chelmsford, Essex. Thanks
I'm still there although i have been ill for a few years, plus i had a head on crash with a combine harvester ( not my fault )

Good to hear from you Tony.

Hope all is well now.

Best wishes.
Still very sore.... I was deriving on a long sweeping bend but due to the trees and bushes the forward view was limited. The combine harvester took all of it's side of the road and half on mine. Without warning i hit it head on. The car was so twisted none of the doors would open so i had to get out of the passenger window.
Hi, FYI i used Tyre-Smart.com in Witham, Essex... very good and know there stuff... latest equipment etc... I only needed front wheel alignment... rears were spot on £55 not bad
Old thread revival.

Anyone heard from Tony recently? Seems he sold his business.

Hope he's well.
Just saw this:


How very sad. May he rest in peace.
Joe who I believe was working with Tony is still there, he is also knowledgeable, and knows what he is doing.
He does. He's a top man.

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