[SOLD] 4 x Brabus Wheels Mercedes CLK, SLK. 18" Monoblock V 5. 8.5. fitted with excellent staggered Continental tyres.

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Sep 29, 2023
Malvern UK
CLK 500
I recently purchased my CLK500 from Gav on here and it came with these Genuine Brabus Monoblock V wheels which are in excellent condition with just a few very minor marks.

I've decided to go back to the original fitment 17 inch wheels so these lovely Brabus wheels (and tyres!) are now available.

No cracks or significant kerbing. Totally straight and were balanced with hardly any weights when new Premium Contact Continental tyres were fitted in 2021.

Wheel part number is 512-858-35 and they are stamped Brabus and also Ronal and Made in Germany.
All 4 wheels are the same size, 8.5Jx18H2 ET35

They are Mercedes stud pattern with 2 year old genuine Mercedes centre caps which are in perfect condition.

Tyres are:
2 x Continental Premium Contact 6 255/35 R 18 94 Y Datecode 5020 with 5.53mm of tread
2 x Continental Premium Contact 6 225/40 R 18 92 Y Datecode 1421 with 6.03mm of tread

Tyres have done less than 4000 miles. No punctures or cuts or other damage and evenly worn.
They were on my Mercedes CLK500 but also fit the SLK and many others.

Price. £1200

I think Gav paid around £1300 for the wheels a couple of years ago and the tyres would have been over £500 so £1200 for the lot is a bit of a bargain.

Collection from South Worcestershire but would consider shipping if that isn't possible for you.

(I do have a trip to Sussex early next month so if you are on route delivery might be possible)


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Surprisingly not sold and "Mrs NotFiona" wants them out of the garage so new price is a bargain £750.

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