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400 miles later....

Discussion in 'Driving/Incidents/Roadrage' started by Satch, Jan 12, 2009.

  1. Satch

    Satch Hardcore MB Enthusiast

    Nov 24, 2003
    S211 E320Cdi Avantgarde Estate & Toyota Land Cruiser
    I returned home from dropping No.1 son off at his Uni. Early start baulked by total ineptitude on his part but I expected that and thus stayed in bed for a bit and allowed his mother to do the shouting.

    So off we go at about 08.30. Roads clear but...

    Missing Brains

    Seemed to be evident. Not many to be sure but they made up for quantity with quality.

    Brainless number one was driving a new Nissan Nivara at considerably above legal limit. In the open flatbed bit is a dog frantically moving from side to side, very clearly and very greatly distressed. Is this dog secured? Not at all. My son was so enraged by this complete idiocy he called the Police.

    Brainless number two seemed to think that his (heavily laden and roof boxed) A class was a mighty beast. Long time since I have seen such a sustained display of ignorance & selfishness, tailgating, horn blowing and light flashing being a mere warm up to sustained undertaking on the hard shoulder.

    Many miles later at a service area we spy said A class dripping steaming fluid with a bald, short, fat and very angry little man bellowing into a mobile as his family stood glumly by. Umprompted, No 1 son wound his window down as we passed and informed this gentleman that he was, in his humble opinion, a vertically challenged obese Onanist. :D

    That cheered me up.

    Road Grot

    Is the stuff that gets sprayed on main roads and motorways these days designed to create the maximum amount of hassle for road users? In the course of my journey got through 7 litres of washer fluid!

    Upon getting home a previously clean car was covered in a huge amount of brown/black cack, so much that at 8.00pm I was on the driveway with a hose washing the worst off the wheels and tailgate. It was coming off in flakes.

    Bloke next door looked at me with pity. Again.
  2. W210 Fan

    W210 Fan Hardcore MB Enthusiast

    Nov 16, 2005
    2 x W210 E55
    Its a little known fact that the company that makes the grit the council use also make screen wash, maybe,
  3. popuptoaster

    popuptoaster Hardcore MB Enthusiast

    Oct 2, 2008
    1975 280ce & 1975 200 saloon lowrider with full hydraulics
    They're using some new gel salt stuff on the roads, which apparently they tried in scandanavia or norway or somewhere and suddenly had lots of corrosion clamims on new cars cos it sticks to metalwaork, or so i heard.

    A class man might have been racing to the service halt cos he knew his car was overheating maybe? no excuse for bad driving and undertaking, but i have been in a similar situation with a leaking car and trying to get somewhere safe to stop rather than have it expire in a traffic jam because i've had no money for recovery off teh motorway and no AA cover, as i said though no excuse.
  4. Biscuit

    Biscuit Hardcore MB Enthusiast

    May 1, 2008


    sorry that's really quite offensive. I'll get my coat.
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