4x Alloys with Conti Winter Tyres 225/55R16 +matched Bolts +extra spare tyre

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Apr 13, 2012
W208 CLK 320 Convertible
UK, North East, Tynemouth.
Up for £230, but forum members can have them for £200.

See full advert here:

4x Mercedes Alloy Wheels with Conti Winter Tyres 225.55R16 +matched Bolts +spare tyre in Newcastle | Wheel Rims & Tyres for Sale | Gumtree.com

4x Original Mercedes 16" Alloy Wheels
fitted with Continental Winter Tyres
and a fifth spare tyre
and 19 matched wheel bolts.

4x 225/55 R 16 95H
1x 225/55 R 16 97V
Continental ContiWinterContact TS790
All 5 have a central tread depth of between 4mm and 5mm.
1 tyre has a screw in middle of tread (This is the V rated tyre).
(personally, I would take the V rated tyre off and replace with the spare, as this has loads of tread and you'd have a matched set of 4 on the car)

4x with above tyres fitted
7.5J x 16
ET46 offset
Part No. A220 401 23 02
Ronal, Germany
14mm bolt fitting x5
On close inspection there are signs of refurbishment
No centre caps supplied

M14x45 - 14 radius - matched to wheels.
3x Mercedes locking wheel bolts (1 missing)
Total 19 (20 required)
Used condition

I'm selling these wheels as I have bought them in error, my old CLK has 12mm bolts.
I am told they were fitted to an E Class S212 Diesel, and previously to an S-class.

I've bought another set of CLK wheels since, so I'm just trying to recover some of my costs.

Let me know if they're of interest to you.
Thanks for looking

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