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    As some of you may know of us with our work on our tuning program for the A45 AMG and CLA45 AMG (if not google is your friend)

    The 45AMG project was part of a much larger program of product development over the last 18months that would culminate in a new range of plug and play ECU solutions for Mercedes and other European highend vehicles.

    The range of products is named iTuning and relates to our additional ECU and multichannel monitoring and processing system that can be installed and removed as required on your vehicle. The system retains all factory protections and monitoring within the OEM ECU but allows gains not dissimilar to remapping while maintaing reliability and driveability.

    With that said, One of the key projects for us was to tackle the M157 engine and the issues that face many potential customers.....Do I want my ECU drilled or opened? If something goes wrong on the car how easy is it to return to stock? If I sell the vehicle I lose the cost of a remap..

    The one thing we are not here to do is compete with the likes of EC or Wiestec when it comes to full on remapping of theses vehicles. We have very close links with both these guys here in the UK and if indeed a customer is prepared to go the whole hog on remapping then that is the route we would go...

    What we are here to do is to offer and alternative solution for performance gains on these vehicles and although overall peak gains are less than a full remap, the gains we have seen on theses variants is respectable and very noticeable when driving..

    The M157 system has been road tested, dyno tested and track tested at the infamous Goodwood motor circuit here in the UK...

    We used a 2013 SL63 Bi-Turbo recently and the car produced a respectable 630bhp and 860Nm (634lbsft) on an independant dyno dynamics dyno.

    Normal retail is £999 GBP Plus VAT and shipping

    For the month of April we are offering the System for £850 GBP Plus VAT and shipping.

    To get yours just drop us an email - Matt@rebellionautomotive.co.uk and we can get a system out to you.

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