5 Hours worth of elbow grease....

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Mar 27, 2007
After polishing my car a bloke pulled me and asked me why it was so clean. I told him because I polished it with the right stuff in the right order. The following weekend I have his car outside my house for a full wax/polish. Not bad for £50.

Sorry didnt take any before pics but the car was in a bad state being parked under a tree 7 days a week.




Got his mates A4 coming this week. :D
Certainly looks very good. Where do you live? £50 for a full wax polish like that is good value!

£10 an hour, much top exspensive. :)
I live in manchester. Glad you all like the finished result.
When my wife used to work in a local school she used to take my Merc in and fair play to her she used to valet it brilliantly. From that she had all the teachers bringing their cars to her to valet and she charged them £30 a time and put the cash in the cancer collection tin in my dads restaurant.

You've done a superb job there my friend.
thats a brriliant showroom shine finesh but i wonder if ure technique gets rid of surface scratches and swirl marks

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