500 SL (R129) Stainless Steel Rear Exhaust Box.

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Feb 26, 2005
Sompting, West Sussex
E200 W210 (ex 500SL, ML55 and 190 Cosworth owner).
Hand made rear exhaust box (straight through) that I had made to fit my 1991, 500 SL (R129).

Gives a nice burble at low speed but sensible noise levels throughout the rev range.

No modifications needed to existing mounts but may need to fabricate a small heat shield to protect the rear rubber hangers. Easy to fit with a three bolt flange at front end and two rubber hangers at the rear.

PM me if you require pictures or further information.

Cost £150 to have made but happy to accept £75.

Collect from Sompting, West Sussex.
Do you have a photo I have a 1992 500SL
Morning KNU7S! If you PM me your email address I will send a couple of pics over, ASAP.

Many thanks.
If its not already gone I might be interested in this, can you send me some pics please?


PM me your email address Ivan and I will send you some pictures ASAP.

Many thanks in advance.

A question if I may, does the tail pipe turn down like the oe or straight, therefore needing the rear bumper to be cut?

I'm not able to send a pm, as my line of credit hasn't reached the required amount:dk:
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No need to cut the valance as the pipe does turn down, as per the original.

Please let me have your email address if you want any pictures.
R129 exhaust

Hi Mate, can you send me pics and your postcode please or postage costs to LU7 3EL?
Hi Viskiss.

Please let me have your email address and I will send some pictures.

As for carriage, I'm happy to pack it up for you but you would need to arrange for a courier to collect from West Sussex (BN15). That would allow you to shop around for the best price. I will weigh it but I should imagine it comes in at about 10kg.

Tried to PM this to you but it wouldn't let me.

Thanks in advance,
Why not post the pictures up here , then people can see it , saves all the email address malarkey :)
I suppose that would be the way forward. :)

What's the simplest way of doing that then?

I use the iPhone App mostly so can I use 'attach from photos?'
Hartzpartz said:
I suppose that would be the way forward. :) What's the simplest way of doing that then? I use the iPhone App mostly so can I use 'attach from photos?'


Does this work?
It appears that it does. I will sort some exhaust box pictures out later then!
As promised, pictures attached!


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Obviously the original silencer is shown for reference only and is not included in this sale. ;-)
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