55k 77mm S/C pulley group buy? Any takers?

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Mar 1, 2015
Cornwall, UK
Hi Guys,

I'm trying to get hold of a 77mm UPD clutched pulley. I've got the engine bay cooling tank sorted so I want to crack on with this and get it done. This will be for the DIY'ers like myself using the Eurocharged or any equivalent remap cable.

I live in Cornwall 300 miles away from everywhere so going for a remap each time I add a modification isn't practical. I don't want to step on the toes of any tuners offering this upgrade but these are not available to buy in the UK which I find bizarre. If any UK tuners - MSL, Eurocharged, PCS??? etc would like to arrange this and add a worthwhile admin fee for yourself I am happy to let you take over and I'll pay now.

A polite note* Please only reply or comment if you are ready to move on this before or on Monday 7th. I do not wish for this to turn into a "I'd like to but can't yet / I've been thinking about this blah blah life story thread etc". Apologies for being direct but "group buy" threads by nature have buyers and talkers, I don't want talkers clogging the page - no offence to talkers intended.

I've contacted Shardul in the US, he can supply the 77mm UPD pulley. He's given me the green light to do a group buy.

UK/US is approx £0.67

1 unit $599 plus $60 shipping = $660 / £440 each + taxes

5 - 9 = 15% off + free UK shipping = $509.15 / £340 each + taxes

10 + = 20% off + free shipping = $479.20 / £320 each + taxes

The approximate taxes below will be shared with all involved prior to payment...eg. This will be on the WHOLE SHIPMENT, NOT EACH PULLEY!!!!!!

UK import duty tax @ 3.5% = approx £7
UK VAT@20% on $300 = approx £39.8

Shipping from me to you will also need to be added (£8 next day).

Any takers?


Yes Tom, I am up for it + 1

Great. Thats two so far then, not enough as we need 5+ to make it worthwhile and save on postage but we may be in luck as Acid@MSL just got back to me and he's getting some 77mm UPD clutched pulleys ordered in soon! Legend! :rock:

We may be able to add ours to the MSL order? I'm happy to pay extra through Acid if he's taking care of it all and it's worth his while. Lets see how much interest there is and get confirmed numbers and go from there.

Who wants 600bhp in their old Merc? :banana:
Tom, I am going to have to sort out my cooling when I get this pulley, who did your cooling for you?
I am not doing a group buy on headers, I already bought a set of Eurocharged manifolds for £650 from Paul at Eurocharged. The USD has got stronger since then so it's likely a little more now? I wanted LT manifolds but Supersprint wanted £3k!!!

Tom, I am going to have to sort out my cooling when I get this pulley, who did your cooling for you?

DIY, You just split the circuit and blank the holes and insert a reservoir to allow for expansion and air bleeding etc.

Subscribe to this guy on YouTube, massive help with DIY's to get an idea. Look down the right and I think he's covered most things for BPU upgrades and logging etc. Scroll down on the right side and browse.

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