560 SL (R107) Door Card removal

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Oct 2, 2008
Abu Dhabi, UAE
R107 560SL
Hi Folks,

I am newbie to the forum I have a 560SL (R107) and the drivers side window is stuck in the down position (Been a bit sticky for a while and now gone from sticky to stuck!).

First problem I have hit is how to remove the armrest, I have removed the one screw but how else is it held on? :confused:

Mines a left hooker (I live in the UAE), but shouldnt make an difference.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Many thanks
the other screw simply sits behind the little chrome cap at the very top of the handle where it meets the door opening handle. There is only one on the main chunky bit of the puller.

remove the chrome plates on both ends of the doors and then use a plastic wedge to prise away all the clips that are fitted around the edge of the door card.

you will break a few clips but they are universal and available in any good motor factors...
Thanks, however there is a difference between the drivers side and passenger side on mine. The passenger side has a hand grab which sweeps up to the chromed door release, however the drivers side is just a short stubby arm rest with one screw which is visible and ?? some other form of holding it in place.

Im lost its obvious something simple, but obviously not simple enough for me! :confused:
ahh yes you are right...

I think it may just pull upwards once the plastic rivets and all the other bits are removed...
Thanks I shall give it a go in the daylight tomorrow,


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