57 E320CDI dipped headlights pink - what bulbs and whether DIY

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Jul 4, 2009

One of the dipped headlights on my W211 57 E320CDI Saloon turned pink.

What is the best bulb to buy - I want it to be as bright as possible and long lastting?

Is it a DIY job? What would be the time for the job at a (reasonable) garage? Are the bulbs sensitive to being touched/knocked a bit during replacement (if they are and given that they cost quite a bit might make sense to ask a mechanic to do it even if a DIY job)
Halogen or Xenon?
osram night braker is an excelent bulb
I've changed the xenon bulbs on my CLS last week and I can tell the difference especialy night time.
Don't replace just the one bulb, you'll need to replace both
Are nightbreakers HID bulbs? I've only heard of them as good halogens.
Are nightbreakers HID bulbs? I've only heard of them as good halogens.

That's what I thought until it was pointed out recently.

Maybe if they are mentioned by their full name is avoids confusion


Thanks a lot for the replies.

Is it D2S bulbs that I need? Are these the best bulbs? 2 x D2S OSRAM Xenarc Night Breaker Unlimited +70% Light Xenon HID Car Bulb TWIN | eBay

How difficult is it to replace them. My previous car was E300TD and it was quite fiddly to replace main bulbs. Are W211 Bi Xenon bulbs even more difficult to replace?

According to the manual only dipped beam uses Xenon - main beam is halogen. Why are they called Bi Xenons?
Put REG in here

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As for the Bi-Xenon, is the manual referring to Xenon or Bi?

Bi Xenon use the HID bulb for dipped and main beam

The manual states that both bulbs are H7, but on Bi Xenon dipped bulb is D2S. So not clear why they call it Bi Xenon.

Also the manual says D2S while the Car Bulbs, Headlight Bulbs, Wiper blades, headlamp bulbs, Xenon Bulbs: Autobulbs Direct Ltd states it is D1S.
Below I show a page from the manual that states:
1. That in Bi Xenons - only one lamp is Xenon - the dipped one - so not clear why they call it Bi Xenon.
2. That the dipped lamp I need is D2S.

Most sites state that I need a D1S lamp. I did not buy this car from new so it is possible that there has been a mix up with the manuals.

I also show a picture from the back of the lights assembly. Do I need to unscrew the circled lid? I could only get one hand in there and I tried as hard as I could and it would not yield. Once that lid is off is replacement an easy task or will there be some more complications?


On the passenger side you need to move slightly engine coolant expansion tank to create more space.
under that black cover you will find a ballast which is screwed on the bulb it self.
You need to memorize the ballast and bulb position. The other tricky part is the supply cable for the ballast. When you put the ballast back the cable has to be pluged last, otherwise you will not be able to clip properly the ballast on the bulb.
Try to be gentle or you can brake something.
Thanks a lot for the replies,

the only major question outstanding now is: is it D1S or D2S bulb that I need?

The manual says D2S (but then I bought it second hand from seller who sells several Mercedes per month and cold have mixed up the manuals).
The various sites, mostly, state that I need D1S.
The ballast is held in by a bayonet style connection and only requires a small rotational movement to unlock it. Do not force or you will break the plastic tabs. Check its position using a mirror before you rotate it and then after rotation so you know where to place it to refit. Also check which way round the wire connector fits to make re-assembly easier.

The bulb should be held in with a wire clip that has two legs that are held by metal tabs either side of the bulb. You move the wires towards each other to unclip them then the bulb should come out. Again check with mirror first and also when you pull the bulb outr make a note of which way round it is as there are cutouts in its base which need to align with the tabs in its seating.

Putting the new bulb in is a pain but once you have it properly located in its fitting put one finger on the end of the bulb to hold in place whilst you refit the wire clips, you can do these one at a time.

Refit ballast, plug in wire connector - which will only go one way because of locating tabs.

Refit the coolant tank back in place.

Should take no more than 30 minutes and I could probably do it in 10 now I have done it once.

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