57 Plate 320CLK CDi - Engine cover and mob Phone!

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Jun 13, 2014
Swindon, Wiltshire
Just bought this and have an annoying little rattle when first acccelerating - thought it might be the engine cover as it doesn't want to 'clip' onto the two rear mountings (just seems to sit on top of them, not sure why??)

I Have the Audio 20 system fitted to it and altho I have telephone controls on the steering wheel the menu system seems to indicate no phone fitted. Being very naive on this sort of thing can I just buy a bluetooth adapter, fit it in the arm rest (if there's a socket - haven't checked yet) and voila! Or is there more to it than this?
The cover takes a bit of a 'whack' downwards to locate it - these are substantial fittings.

Pretty sure no bluetooth on car sorry, they were phased out in 2009 so design is quite old. As far as I know you have to buy an appropriate phone cradle to sit in the armrest......the old way of doing things.

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