(62) Mercedes B180 CDI Sport Owner From Yorkshire

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May 1, 2023
2012/62 B180 CDI Sport
Hi All,

My name is Charlie and I’m new to Mercedes ownership. Having used the father in laws S Class whilst my car slowly fell apart on me it came to purchasing something reliable and economical and after spending hours upon hours on Autotrader flicking through every model of every brand I settled on the B Class, specifically the mk2 Sport variant.

After searching and searching I went and bought myself a low mileage B180 CDI Sport with cream leather interior. It drove like a Mercedes should, it felt solid and well built and it was about as far from my Old Ford Focus as I could get!

I’ve had it a few weeks now and love it!

I’m looking forward to being a part of this site and I’m sure you’ll be seeing a few more threads from me in the near future!

All the best all,



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Nice colour welcome to the site
Thanks mate, I’m super chuffed with the car. It’s a really nice place to be when inside it and it’s a nice car to look at too!

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