69 REG E220D S213 9-Gtronic loud clank noise in 1st & 2nd gears?

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Dec 29, 2023
Merc E220D 9-Gtronic Estate
Hi all, newbie here. I just bought a s213 prem+ 9-gtronic and I've noticed a fairly loud clanking noise (like 2 metal plates coming together). It seems to only make the noise between just after pulling off, changing into 2nd & then again just before going into 3rd? The noise isnt right on when the car changes gear, its just before/ after. It doesn't make the noise if i pull away hard, only when I'm pulling away slowly. Noise happens when the car is hot & cold. No sensor lights on, car feels totally smooth. I've taken it to my local guy he's had a look around all the joints/brakes/wheel bearings etc and couldn't see anything.

Cars still under warranty so I'm not overly panicked - just thought id post to see if anyone has any ideas before i contact the garage i bought it from.

Video link of the noise - car nosie vid .mov

Thanks in advance!
Hello and welcome , I personally can't hear a lot from your video . What mode is your car in ? most MB's do not use first gear unless set in 'S' mode , try it in 'C' (or 'W') and see how it sounds.

I am not that familiar with the 9Gtronic (but many on here are) so my advice might not be the best but on my - now rather 'old school' 7226 5g transmission I very rarely drive in 'S' mode so first gear is rarely engaged.

Stick around , people who know this transmission will be along soon.

PS I would let the selling garage know of your concerns (in writing) ASAP .
Hi thank you for your reply! The noise comes in at 16, 19 and 21 seconds (21 seconds in being the loudest).

The car was in comfort mode which is what the car defaults to when switching it on and off but the noise is in all modes.

Fingers crossed its just something loose but will have to wait until it goes into the garage to find out i guess. I'll keep you posted on here when i find out!


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