722.5 Auto Box Reverse issue & Fluid change


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Dec 1, 2008
MB 300CE-24 Sportline
I've had an issue with this gearbox not engaging reverse under certain conditions. Usually, when either hot or cold, it would engage reverse. When warm, it would often not engage, thus necessitating a push or a wait until conditions changed and it would then engage.

The box has around 240K miles on it. It is the original.

I was recently in Worthing and decided to try a fluid change. I used a local MB independent who has a good reputation. The price quote for fluid, filter, gasket and labour was a pretty steep £210. I went ahead anyway.

The garage was very fair and phoned me to say that they'd found debris in the old fluid and they felt that the fluid change would be a waste of over £200. I asked them to go ahead anyway. Their invoice stated Dexron 3 fluid was used.

The result is that, 1000 miles later, reverse hasn't once failed to engage. Change quality under light loads is still rather sudden but otherwise all seems well. I don't want to be too cocky too soon but I do feel much more confident about going into town and risking a 'reversing situation'.

If this lasts a year, I would consider it money well spent before finally having the box rebuilt.

So, fingers remain crossed!


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