80's car theft in the increase.

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Hmmm i'll go with Cortinas and certainly the XR's and RS' but who on this godforsaken earth is restoring ....................a Maestro :dk::dk::ban:
I would love to restore any of the first 3, you can keep the Maestro though.
Saw a fine example today of a Peugeot 505 Familiale.

In surprisingly original condition, down to the plastic wheel covers.

Paint looked a bit tired, but no rust or dents.

It was parked near a building site, with the load area full of building materials.

I can't imagine who would have a genuine car like that and use it for building supplies....
I saw on the news today that there has been a significant increase in the number of thefts in NCP car parks recently, that's just wrong on so many levels.
Saw a Fiat Uno yesterday in what looked like good condition.
Saw a Fiat Uno yesterday in what looked like good condition.

Fiat Uno was my first ever car.

Got it a nice red and black racing style steering wheel cover from Halfords and tried to kid myself it looked like a Golf GTI.

It didn't.

Ah bless

Well they are welcome to my 80's motors they were all crap when nearly new and will not have got better with time,most of mine if they are still alive will be like Triggers Broom .

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