90's HipHop videos And Mercedes Benz...

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@ chilsta

That was ill! Mad props to u sir!
Sorry to go OFT but this was my 1000th thanked post:bannana: -what not 1000 ? but 100:doh:-i'm way behind schedule!
Do i get a certificate or something?:D
A little hip hop-
Forum MB
Not just for OAP
Tali reached the ton
Da man is having so much fun
Talking Mercs
With the Berks
Hey just joking!
No need to start choking
Cypress Hill "What's Your Number?"
Psycho Realm "Love Letters"
Nasir Jones:

This old German
Said I was a thug with a knotty head
Looked at my Benz and called that a Nazi sled
Sweet.. There are some nice tracks in this.. how long did it take you to do...

Cheers! I dunno really. Whenever I'm listening to something & happen to notice an MB mention I open it in Wavelab, cut out the loop and sling it in a folder. That can take from 5 to 15 minutes depending on how complicated it is to get it to loop cleanly.
There's about 55 loops/samples at about 10 minute average 55 x 10 mins = about 9 hours, then about an hour to put them all together.

I now wish you hadn't asked ;) :doh:
you should look up Luke sky-walker and the two live crew, very obscure 80's hip hop, but they liked there benzes
The Notorious BIG ft 112 - Sky's The Limit.

Check out the video guys!
Ohh, also........

Sporty Theives - No Pigeons

"Broke pigeonhead freak, you lucky I spoke
This ain’t my benz there, it’s my man’s, yeah
But this ain’t my car like that ain’t your hair"

man, I forgot about this tune... Nice find...
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what is this about. I thought this was a car forum. I find this kind of music revolting and it is part of the reason our society is the way it is at the moment.
It also isn't just a car forum - it's for discussing any topic within reason.

Whilst I don't doubt there are various influences which can result in the problems we see in society right now, there is more to it than simply watching or listening the 'Notorious BIG' singing about M3s, Mercedes, guns and hoes.

There is clearly a choice made by some coupled with there being clearly other factors too as otherwise I would be driving a 1980 GMC van with red turbo vecs wheels shooting at the US Military with guns made from toilet rolls and sticky tape welded together by BA.
I find this kind of music revolting and it is part of the reason our society is the way it is at the moment.

It was a just matter of time till somebody came in this thread and made a comment like this.. I was kind of expecting it to be honest...

Each to their own, I guess....
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Mercedes-Benz SL [R230] in Blu Cantrell Feat. Sean Paul: Breathe, Music Video, 2003


This reminded me when the music video was out for this, the scenes with the rev counter appear to be a BMW E39 M5!

It threw me at the time, have no idea why they did it:

Blu Cantrell - Breathe (Remix) Ft. Sean Paul - YouTube

Perhaps they thought 8 years later no one would be discussing it on a forum! :rock:

Blu cantrell also starred in a few top shelf magazines as well, a quick google will reveal her work.
Boyz II Men - Motownphilly

"jet black Benz - plenty o' friends"
Im not sure which video it is but Korn used a w210 and a pullman in a video.

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