94 E320 coupe _ Click/tick in engine bay

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Dec 29, 2011
North London
560 SEC, e320 Coupe, Audi S8 D2, 87 Porsche 911
So i picked up the above car on Monday, and have noticed a repeating tick or click from the engine bay, either from or below the pas fluid reservoir.

I noticed when in the car at night, the clicking appears to dim the backlighting on the ac control, so assuming ac related?

Any thoughts please?

Disconnect the wiring to the a/c pulley clutch, sounds like it's engaging then dropping back.
Thanks - Is that the item below the PAS fluid reservoir?
Difficult to see where the power attaches without getting the car on axle stands. Does the fact that the compressor is clicking remove the Klima / kick down relay from the equation ? The relay I have fitted is the NLA 0035454905 part number, which I think is correct for cars with diavia aircon?

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